Are you insane

You have the sense that you are losing your grip on reality and that you are literally on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Are you insane

Do you even know which countries are in Central Asia? Jawara was, by all accounts, somewhat better than other African leaders of the era. Corruption in The Gambia was less prevalent than in other neighboring countries; the majority of senior governmental figures led relatively modest lives at least compared to, say, Gadhafiand he ostensibly adhered to democratic values.

The original Gambian state was not single-party, nor was it authoritarian, and the media was even quite free. This was, in fact, all too good to be true—which is Are you insane Jawara was the victim of several coup attemptsincluding one Are you insane which foreign armies had to intervene to save him, and was eventually deposed by a military coup in During his rule, Jammeh was involved in a number of admittedly predictable scandals, many of which involved who would have guessed human rights breaches.

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He had a somewhat different solution to many of the problems faced in Europe. Things like student protests, unflattering reporters, and illegal immigration were dealt with by brutally gunning down all those responsible. Since then, the Comoros has experienced a number of rather unique events, such as a Maoist revolution, a president shot dead in his bed by an anti-tank missile, and dictatorships backed by foreign mercenaries.

Denard was de facto head of the Comoros for years, with the leader effectively being whoever he and his mercenaries would back—untilwhen one coup too many led him to finally be arrested by French authorities. If there ever was a prime candidate to become a failed state, it would be Mali.

It is no surprise then, perhaps, that half a century on from independence, this nation has not been as successful as some had hoped. However, this dream was too good to be true, and he was deposed and imprisoned in in a military coup.

Mali became an authoritarian police state, and the sad combination of famines, corruption, and mismanagement of aid money led to the death of tens of thousands. Reform eventually prevailed, however, and a democratic system was implemented—which resulted in Traore winning 99 percent of the vote.

Although Traore was eventually overthrown in another military coup and democracy somewhat restored, the problems in Mali have not by any means stopped. The last three years have seen a coup yes, another onea nomad rebellion, Al-Qaeda taking over the majority of the country, and a foreign intervention to try and solve all of that.

This small, petroleum-rich Asian nation has been effectively bankrolled by the oil companies that operate within it. Bruneian citizens receive subsidies on everything from petrol to oil, and despite the fact that the Sultan spends millions of the public budget on his collection of luxury cars, Brunei has one of the highest GDPs per capita in the world.

One might assume then, that Brunei is about as close to a perfect country to live in as you can get.

Are you insane

With riches galore, palm-fringed beaches, and beautiful jungles covering the entire country, it would be fair at first glance to make that guess. For example, a law promises jail time for such heinous crimes as celebrating Christmas. It is central, and it is indeed African, but the CAR at the moment is less of a republic and more of a failed state.

As with Somaliathe government controls little of the country outside of the capital, and much of the nation is run by various rebel groups. The CAR has also, much like Somalia, been in a state of quasi-perpetual civil war for over a decade. The first democratic leader of the CAR only lasted a few years before dying in a suspicious plane crash.

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Dacko was then re-overthrown, and the new ruler built an authoritarian state backed by a military junta. First exploited and colonized by Portugal, the islanders fought valiantly for their independence and were finally granted it in after the Portuguese Revolution.

It was very much a case of jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire, though, for as soon as independence was declared, neighboring Indonesia took advantage of the internal strife and disorder within the new country to invade it and declare it part of their own territory.

And said occupation led to massive human rights abuses and the killing of what some estimate to be up to a third of the East Timorese population. But many countries actually supported this occupation, at least at the start: It took until for enough pressure to be applied to Indonesia to agree to a referendum—in which, somewhat unsurprisingly, the vast majority of the population voted for independence.

Before leaving the country, though, the Indonesian military made sure to kill a significant number of civilians and burn down all of the government buildings to guarantee the failure of any successor state.

Are you insane

Although they may have tried, this goal was not particularly successful. While there has since been some strife within East Timor, including an assassination attempt on its leader, the situation within the country has improved drastically since the end of Indonesian occupation, particularly within the last few years, with quality of life for its citizens improving by almost every available measure.

A success story at last! It is, for example, the only Spanish-speaking nation in Africa, as a former colony of Spain. It is also the only state on the continent to have a capital not on its mainland but rather on a tiny island several hundred miles offshore.

Somewhat less adorably, it also has the longest-serving leader in Africa: Teodoro Obiang, the epitome of a despotic strongman, whose rule has lasted almost 40 years.

His political opponents were all executed, and the Equatoguinean economy collapsed thanks to the exodus or death of its skilled citizens.

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Things after the coup started off well.Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. “Are you insane?!?

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Oh, right.” Meyers pointed out that Trump “admitted it was real” and mocked Trump’s struggle to get off the bus as seen on the tape itself, proving the tape is real. Crazy is synonymous with “psychotic,” and means loss of contact with reality in the form of delusions and hallucinations.

So crazy is a slang term for psychosis. But we don’t think of mood. The action that is stupid and likely to have extreme bad results is what defines insanity. For instance if you get angry over an issue, you might find yourself twitching or beating yourself up. Jun 27,  · Insane asylums were big business back in the early s, and nearly anyone could be declared “insane” and sent to an asylum.

In a newspaper report from , an asylum physician admits: A person to be tried in Kentucky for lunacy is often hauled before a jury of as ignorant, illiterate.

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