Filipino values essay

We have deep-rooted values that can be seen in the way we live our lives.

Filipino values essay

Forwarding this and other posts to relatives and friends, especially those in the homeland, is greatly appreciated. To share, use all social media tools: This post actually touches the issue of culture, i.

Here our native culture is looked at just from the religious point of view.

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Frankly, I see this point of view as limited or inadequate, based on what I have alluded to regarding source in the preceding paragraph. I will go back, try a broader and deeper look into the issue of our native Filipino culture, i. Catholics, mainline Protestants, Pentecostals or Evangelicals.

Filipino values essay

In short, I believe Filipino values essay the possibility of a Godless morality, though I admit that it is much more difficult to attain. All the while the minority who benefit from the recognized system of patronage take care of their extended families and associates.

Transparency in government has not taken root: We oftentimes wonder what kind of values we have now; what have we lost in terms of social conscience, of social morality let us forget here about sexual morality to which the church hierarchy seems to pay relatively more attention to.

We do not seem to wonder whether that really is something to be proud of; or are we just -unknowingly- exposing our ignorance about what authentic Christianity is all about?

How come some, if not many, of those who commit crimes and are guilty of corruption were from exclusive Catholic schools? Have the mentors themselves sold out? Why did the good moral and church social teachings not stick?

Is it our unique case that social morality can not really be taught in schools nor be practiced in the real world? Below is an interesting and informative essay on understanding our Filipino value system, written just a few years after the Marcos downfall, by the late Fr.

However, I think Fr.

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Gorospe was quite naive about the kind of leadership our homeland needs then and now. This latest draft, basically similar to that proposed by Fr. Values for National Reconstruction," 2 bases its framework on the provisions of the Philippine Constitution of If we are to discover our traditional values and make sure that they contribute to the "just and humane society" and "total human liberation and development" of which the Philippine Constitution speaks, we must ask some basic questions.

A Filipino experiences family closeness and solidarity pagpapahalaga sa pamilyapoliteness use of po or hohospitality tuloy po kayogratitude utang na loob from "within", that is, subjectively and emotionally, unlike a non-Filipino observer, social scientist, or psychologist who studies Filipino values objectively from "without" or "from a distance".

This dynamic openness of man is an openness to the possibilities of the future. That is why values are something to be realized. Take the value of peace.

Human values are not merely private.Filipino Values Philippine Values is defined by the way of people live their life as an influence of one’s culture. Philippines, having been an archipelago, has not become a hindrance towards having a single values system throughout the country.

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Filipino values essay

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