Whooping couph

National whooping cough outbreak National whooping cough outbreak There has been a significant increase in the number of pertussis cases reported in the last four weeks, compared to the same period in Pertussis epidemics occur regularly every three to five years, so we expect this to be the early stages of an epidemic and rates are likely to continue to increase.

Whooping couph

News I am most grateful to Derrick and Dawn Grow in Idaho, USA, who have kindly let me use the video video 1 they took of their son many years ago when he was about two and a half years old.

They took it to their doctor and was promptly diagnosed correctly. In this day of telephone video I would urge others to do the same.

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He has a coughing paroxysm typical of whooping cough and he whoops loudly as well. What we see in the video is a relatively mild paroxysm. They can be much worse than is seen here. Video 2 is a typical succession of paroxysms with whooping in a six year old child.

They culminate in a sort of vomiting which is mainly of sticky thick mucus that has been coughed up. Once this is over there will be a lull of perhaps an hour or two before it is repeated. When you see these you realise why it can be lethal in very young babies, and why it is vital they are protected by the rest of the family being immunized.

When you click on the link the video file should download and play in your default video viewer. When you close the viewer you should see this page again. You may have to click the back button. Because it is a relatively large file there may be a delay before it plays.

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Not all deviced play the different video formats, but the YouTube version should be fine. Remember to return via the back button.The current whooping cough vaccine was universally adopted in the US in to replace the original vaccine based on killed Bordetella pertussis because of a stronger safety profile.

The new. Pertussis (whooping cough) is a respiratory disease that is vaccine preventable. It is caused by the Bordetella pertussis bacterium. Pertussis can cause serious and life-threatening complications. Learn how to treat whooping cough naturally with safe, effective remedies. Use these natural remedies to calm your child's whooping cough symptoms.

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Whooping cough (also known as pertussis or day cough) is a highly contagious bacterial disease. Initially, symptoms are usually similar to those of the common cold with a runny nose, fever, and mild cough.

Whooping couph

This is followed by weeks of severe coughing fits. Following a fit of coughing, a high-pitched whoop sound or gasp may occur as the person breathes in.

The coughing may last for 10 or. Facts About Pertussis.

Whooping couph

Whooping cough (also called pertussis), is a serious infection that spreads easily from person to person. The infection causes coughing spells that are so severe that it can be hard to breathe, eat, or sleep.

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